Herbert Bayer, Things to Come, (1938)

Herbert Bayer - Isometric drawing of Walter Gropius’s study in the Weimar Bauhaus (1923)


St. Vincent - Cheerleader

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KAZUYO SEJIMA Plum Grove House, Tokyo 2003

Another of the works by Lee Ufan in the gardens of Versailles.

“My images are not images of reality, but show a kind of second reality, the image of the image.” —Thomas Ruff
"Every beginning
is but a continuation,
and the book of events
is never more than half open."
—Wislawa Szymborska, from “Love at First Sight”, translated by Walter Whipple (via the-final-sentence)
Alice Munro: “The Bear Came over the Mountain” : The New Yorker

"She said there ought to be one place you thought about and knew about and maybe longed for but never did get to see."

"And so it often happened with those practical people. In spite of their calculations, their survival instincts, they might not get as far as they had quite reasonably expected. No doubt it seemed unfair."
Spring breakers?

Tony Leung Chiu WaiChun gwong cha sit | 1997
"I was very fond of you, but now I’m so, so tired. I’m not happy to go, but one needn’t be happy to make another start."
—Albert Camus, The Plague (via hellanne)
Haruki Murakami: “Yesterday” : The New Yorker

yesterday i met someone who reminds me of you.

today i smashed the screen of my phone. 

so it goes.

"And now it’s in you, secrecy.
Ancient and vicious, luscious
as dark velvet.
It blooms in you
a poppy made of ink."
From Secrecy by Margaret Atwood (via beyondstyx)

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